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Second Tuesday of each month - come join an open discussion of what is on your financial mind
Picture above -  Bishop Lynch class of 1971 (boys division) never thought they would reach social security age.  

Monthly open forum

a I invite you to join me on the second Tuesday night of each month for a free hour long open forum on financial issues. The hour will focus on a relevant topic and then open the floor to whatever questions, comments, or discussion the group would like to engage in - audience participation at its finest! All sessions are held at  7 pm at our special meeting area - 10325 Country Club Dr, Dallas, Texas 75218.

If you are a CPA, these sessions are structured to give you one hour of CPE credit (William B. Larson, CPA, LLC is a registered sponsor of CPE in the State of Texas - modest $10 fee to cover administrative costs of the CPE. Pay at the door). Sessions require no prerequisite knowledge - I cover basic fundamentals.

 The only requirement for attendance is that you give me advance notice that you will be there - please drop me a note to tell me that you will be attending the session. There is a practical consideration of both space and the ability for all to participate. Take this opportunity to network with others and increase your financial savvy. (Please note that advice given by necessity is of a general nature and questions specific to your circumstances are best addressed by gathering more information in the financial planning process). RSVP to: bill@larsoncpa.com

 Our next seminar - Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - we will discuss
2020 - Financial Resolutions to get it right this year. We will review areas that need addressing now so the year is successful throughout, mistakes we made in 2019, and opportunities that now present themselves. Will move across many topics so this session should be of interest to all ages and income levels. 

 We continue our tradition of a food theme - cookies; yes, we just got out of the holiday season, but my experience is that one can never have enough. If you are inclined to bring some for the group, that would be great. Just as a reminder, chocolate chip is well thought of, white chocolate is not chocolate, and coconut has no redeeming value. These are guidelines only, not mandatory prescriptions. 

 I look forward to joining you each month, but should you have questions at any time, please call me. If you come visit, as always, be careful on how you park given we have no curbs; you are welcomed to park in the generous area provided by the house at 10325 Country Club or anywhere up and down the ODD side of the street. Please REFRAIN from parking on the EVEN side of the street at the owners have much tighter space and need the area for themselves. 

Commercial Metals Reunion. 
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