William B Larson, CPA, LLC
I can teach you how to take control of your financial life.
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My approach to providing effective service.

A no charge, no obligation introductory meeting to:
  • develop a preliminary understanding of your goals and needs
  • gather selected personal information on your family and work status
  • decide if and how I can help you

No practitioner is skilled in all disciplines; I concentrate on the following areas and will happily refer you to others in areas outside of my expertise. My overriding philosophy is that I can teach you to gain control of your financial life, manage it effectively, and save money in the process.

Financial Planning

  • overall financial checkup - where are you in meeting your goals; do you have any blindspots in planning; are you taking advantage of all employer benefits; are you being realistic with your finances?
  • development of annual cash flow income and expenses, balance sheet and budgeting
  • managing debt levels
  • cost and saving for education
  • housing alternatives - rent versus buy; total cost of ownership
  • retirement considerations - current savings rate, needs at retirement, program to achieve desired retirement goals, withdrawal rates 
  • retirement plans - best vehicles and how they function - 401k / 403b / profit sharing / IRAs / defined benefit / SEP & SIMPLE / nonqualified plans
  • social security - how it works, what to expect, when to begin
  • insurance needs - life / health / disability / homeowners / auto / umbrella / long term care - are you covered? 
  • investments - risk tolerance / portfolio allocation / security selection / expected return / tax considerations
  • stock options and bonus plans- understanding how to exercise and tax implications
  • taxes - review of current filings, tax minimization strategies
  • estate planning - general review of preparation for passing assets at least cost through gifting or estate. planning for disability, long term illness, or incapacity 

Recordkeeping, Analysis, and Technical Assistance

Do you have an elderly relative who can no longer keep up with day to day financial matters - monthly bills, medical claims, simple recordkeeping?

Are you too far removed in distance to be able to render assistance to a family member?

Perhaps you have neither the time nor interest in your own day to day financial affairs?

Have you been assigned the thankless task of being an executor and don't know how to begin to gather data? 

I can assist by:

  • analyzing bills, preparing payments, maintaining records for those who lack interest or are no longer competent
  • for executors - help organize records, research required information, prepare analysis for court filings 
  • assistance in one off projects requiring accounting / financial expertise  such as merger and acquisitions or purchase of major equipment

What I don't do:

  •  practice law
  • manage assets as custodian (investment portfolios)
  • sell products
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